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AirZip FileSECURE can improve the operations efficiency of your organization in several ways. It can enable you to speed your operations by using secure electronic communications rather than unsecure FAX and less secure, slow, and costly overnight couriers. It can also fit efficiently into your operation because it is designed to run in your operating environment.

Many Benefits

Scan-Secure-Send using FileSECURE's ScanSECURE option to reduce operating expenses and increase security, speed, and tracking of confidential documents.

AirZip’s FileSECURE paired with any modern electronic scanner creates the perfect alternative to expensive overnight or two-day document delivery services.


  • Reduce costs of document delivery

  • Protect documents from unauthorized viewing

  • Control access to private documents, even after delivery

  • Deliver documents faster than overnight

  • Proof the material was viewed, not just received

  • File usage reports generated in your own specified formats

  • Easy to use – security and savings require only a push of a button

Modern digital imagers and copiers are able to scan a document and create an electronic image that is typically stored on a local PC. Using the Scan-Secure functionality of AirZip’s FileSECURE software on the PC, scanned images are automatically protected with 256-bit AES encryption and emailed as a persistently secured file to the intended recipients. A FileSECURE protected file is only accessible by authorized individuals in a controlled fashion. The document owner determines what the recipients may do with the file (View only, Print, Save a copy, establish an avaialable and/or expiration date and time) and can dynamically alter these permissions at any time.

Fit with your environment

AirZip FileSECURE works in your operating environment:

  • With your file formats – Any file can be encrypted, stored, and sent with decryption tracking. Any printable file can be secured without need for the native application on the recipient’s computer. Files can open automatically in the native application if the user has edit permission.

  • With your email system – With a click of the send button, your default email client (whether Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, AOL, Netscape, or Eudora) opens with the protected file already attached and ready to send.

  • With your repository directories – Any files stored in your designated directories can be automatically protected according to the rules defined for the particular directory. The person storing the file needs nothing more than he/she currently has. Everything is automatic resulting in excellent protection and tracking with no training or changes of procedures.

  • With your web site – FileSECURE can be integrated into your web site to enable those you permit to provide files directly from their computers or information typed onto the site page to be secured and delivered only to authorized people with permissions set by the user or your organization.

  • With your file delivery methods – Protected files can be delivered in any way that you currently deliver files. (email attachments, ftp from a server directory, delivery from a web site, CDROMs, tapes, etc.) The protection and tracking and benefits are independent of the delivery method.

  • With your choice of server operating systems - Windows, Linux, Solaris

  • With your choice of user operating systems - Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows 2000, Windows NT4, Windows XP, and more are planned

  • With your choice of authentication – Users can be authenticated by the method and at the time that you have implemented for systems login.

  • With your LDAP standard user data base – No need to administer your users in a separate data base. Or you can import user data using CSV files from your directory or synchronize with popular LDAP directories.

  • With your activity reporting requirements – Custom reports of activity

  • With your data base report generator – Custom Integration can enable your data base report generator to automatically create secured reports.

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