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AirZip FileSECURE provides the easiest, most user-friendly way to encrypt documents for secure delivery to intended recipients – and knowing when those documents were accessed.

AirZip FileSECURE may be used in numerous industries for many different applications. Listed below are some of the most co common ways customers are protecting information and streamlining operations with FileSECURE.

Solutions for ANY BUSINESS

  • Protecting executive communications – among themselves, to subordinates, to board members

  • In engineering/R&D to protect Intellectual Property

  • In sales and marketing to protect Customer Lists and Pricing information

  • In customer support to secure service notes being delivered to service centers

  • In human resources to protect employee’s personal information

  • In human resources to protect organization charts, pay scales, performance evaluations

  • In finance to protect financial statements not yet published

  • In finance to protect information being presented to auditors

  • In legal to protect contracts being negotiated

  • In legal to provide secured information during litigation

  • In shipping to replace overnight courier delivery of documents with secured scans


  • Securing personal loan applications and information received via fax and email

  • Secure communication and tracking of confidential information to business partners (M&A, underwritings)

  • Controlled and timed access of daily interest rate sheet

  • Protect analyst’s research

  • Statement information delivered electronically

  • Enhanced service for high-net worth clients

  • Secured archival of information

  • Tracking breaches in security for regulatory compliance

  • Automatic generation of file access reports for regulatory compliance


  • Protect intellectual property and trade secrets from leaving the company

  • Protect IP and trade secrets on laptops and removable media

  • Share protected RFPs and bid specifications with potential contractors

  • Protect design information with overseas business partners

Solutions for LAW FIRMS

  • Protect attorney-client communications

  • Protect attorney-attorney communications

  • Protect communications among law firms all involved in class action suits

  • Provide secured marked up copies of contracts

  • Replace overnight courier distribution with secured scans – and recover the cost from the client

  • Tracking receipt and controlling access of case briefs with other parties

Solutions for HEALTHCARE

  • Protect medical records on laptops and removable media

  • Protect medical records as they are shared with other medical facilities

  • Protect electronic PHI files (medical records) as they are shared with insurance companies or lawyers

  • Protect distribution of paper copy of medical records by using secured-scans for distribution

  • Replace faxing of prescriptions with secured-scans

Solutions for GOVERNMENT

  • County courts – secure parole board information, jury selection information

  • Replace faxing from remote government locations with secured scans

  • Secure communications between government leaders

  • Secure budgets and operating plans

  • Secure military personnel records

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