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Rapid growth in distributed and mobile computing are tearing down enterprise security boundaries build today with VPNs and firewalls. While enterprise servers and networks are increasingly protected using standard security technologies, files are not protected after they are received on employee and partner computers. Companies have paper shredding policies but they don’t have the tools to track and shred electronic documents that are proliferated by the growth in distributed and mobile computing. Adding to this challenge is the increase in regulations and legislation requiring increased control and protection of information. How can companies be confident that their use of new communications and computing networks comply with laws as well as their own needs to protect information?

AirZip products perform all of the key functions necessary for communications with confidence:

  • Protection of information no matter where it is stored or sent.

  • Tracking all uses, recording who has accessed which information.

  • Controlling who accesses information, with permission changes at anytime.

  • Retention management of files to insure that old information is not accessible.

  • Accelerating by compressing the content before transmission.

AirZip persistent protection means loss prevention, version control, time based availability, retention management, tracking of use, and control for information sales and subscriptions. This protection can help you to avoid the FBI’s reported average financial loss of $2.7 million per computer crime incident (Source: CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey, 2003) and also to avoid attacks from insiders which a 2002 FBI security report stated are more frequent than attacks from outsiders. Confirming that most losses are due to acts of insiders, Price Waterhouse Coopers in its “Information Security Breaches Survey 2002” stated that over 1/2 of the most serious security breaches in enterprises are due to insiders. The January 27, 2003, online edition of the New York Times (“Crime is Soaring in Cyberspace”) reported on the “exponential” increase in computer related crimes and stated that “a tightening economy, the increasing riches flowing through cyberspace and the relative ease of such crimes” are leading to huge losses by many companies and government agencies. The article estimates that cyber crime is already creating losses of billions of dollars a year. Software solutions are needed to block the “exponentially” increasing losses.

AirZip provides strong software solutions meeting the customer needs identified by Ernst&Young’s Global Information Security Survey 2003:

  • 90% of organizations say information security is of high importance for achieving their overall objectives.

  • More than 33% of organizations say they are inadequate in their ability to respond to incidents.

  • Only 34% of organizations claim to be compliant with applicable security-driven regulations.

AirZip overcomes the hurdles of user acceptance and IT architecture compliance with easy installation, intuitive user interfaces, and operation with all popular operating systems, all popular file formats, and industry-standard protocols.

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