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AirZip's flagship product, FileSECURE, is a leading enterprise rights management product that delivers persistent security in a distributed environment. A number of features characterize and differentiate FileSECURE from its competitors:

  • Secures any file, and supports secure viewing, without the need for the original application, for hundreds of file types. With FileSECURE, the same software, infrastructure and administration can be used to protect more of your confidential information and intellectual property, including financial, human resource and customer records as well as engineering drawings and media files, substantially lowering your cost of protection.
  • Protect Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, media files, images, almost all leading CAD formats as well as the print output from ANY application.
  • Control who, how, when and from where content can be accessed.
  • Digital fingerprinting and watermarking of secured content when viewed on screen or when printed.
  • Integration with document management systems including EMC Documentum, IBM Content Manager, Sharp SharpDesk, Ricoh RIDOC and UGS TeamCenter.
  • Offers patent pending AutoSECURE and ScanSECURE automatic securing, distribution and policy enforcement.
  • Bulk securing with FileSECURE Publisher.
  • The FileSECURE Authentication and Policy server is supported on all major operating systems providing unequalled scalability.
  • The only non-Chinese manufactured rights management software that is legal in the People's Republic of China.
  • Native Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Japanese support for those enterprises needing to protect offshore data.

Detailed list of features here (Letter).

Detailed list of features here (A4).


AirZip Accelerator
AirZip Accelerator is an advanced web server filter function that uses AirZip's patented AZV compression to optimize image files, speeding the delivery of web pages from web servers to web clients over dialup or wireless connections, and improving performance by up to 800%. AirZip Accelerator intercepts incoming http image requests from web clients, retrieves the requested images, and returns an optimized image to the web client. Accelerator works with or without AirZip Accelerator software installed on the client.

AirZip Acceleration Engine
AirZip Acceleration Engine makes available AirZip's Transcoder and Codec components  to OEM's and corporate customers wishing to integrate image acceleration technology into their own products.