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AirZip Accelerator enables image content to be compressed in real time to be optimally delivered to the device requesting the content thus reducing labor costs and enabling revenue improvement from applications using large images over slow speed lines.

A picture is worth a thousand words

While images-- including maps, photos, diagrams, maps and CAD drawings -- are mission-critical to most applications, downloading and viewing images to remote and mobile devices is difficult, and expensive.

AirZip's technology makes it practical to add visual content to any application because it compresses images to speed delivery and reduce memory requirements by up to 400%. AirZip provides developers and system integrators with customizable, plug-and-play acceleration across all devices, networks and data sources by leveraging existing network infrastructure and standards in the most cost-effective, reliable and scalable manner possible.

Improve ROI and the Customer Experience

This means a field service technician accesses and annotates blueprints while in the field; a delivery person uses mapping to arrive more quickly; and a commuter on a train reads the latest news, with photos. AirZip Accelerator supercharge today's servers and client devices in hours. The result is immediate: increased productivity, faster ROI.

Easily Provide Mapping and Routing Services

Distributed mapping services, both for enterprise and consumer users, is a critical application. Whether it's corporate decision makers choosing a new retail location, or technicians repairing a fiber-optic link, people work better with the power of spatial information at their fingertips. But historical network speeds and costs have hindered many potential applications, and slowed even the best-designed solutions.

Boost Effectiveness for a Wide Range of Applications

Image Types



Diagrams and schematics


Field service and repair



Reference manuals

Scanned documents


Mapping and routing


Public safety

Remote surveillance

Charts and graphs


Asset management



Catalogues and inventory


Quickly Upgrade Existing Web-based Applications

AirZip Accelerator software provide an immediate performance improvement, easily integrating into a wide range of web and application server environments, for immediate gains in end user productivity, satisfaction and ROI.

Powerful Image Delivery

AirZip Accelerator is an advanced web server filter function that optimizes image files, speeding the delivery of web pages from web servers to web clients over dialup or wireless connections, and improving performance by up to 800%. AirZip Accelerator intercepts incoming http image requests from web clients, retrieves the requested images, and returns an optimized image to the web client. Accelerator works with or without AirZip Accelerator software installed on the client.


  • Fastest possible acceleration of image-intensive web content
  • Uses existing server and network infrastructure; no additional investment needed
  • Works with or without AirZip Accelerator client software
  • Based on revolutionary, patented compression intelligence
  • Complements other bandwidth optimization tools, such as caching

Deploy AirZip Accelerator With or Without AirZip Client Software

AirZip Accelerator functions in clientless mode, supporting any HTTP client application. In this mode, AirZip Accelerator automatically optimizes served images, delivering them using standard formats, such as JPEG, GIF, for an immediate 50-100% performance boost.

However, with AirZip Accelerator client software containing AirZip's patented image compression format, performance is improved by up to 400%. AirZip Accelerator client software enables any client application using HTTP to receive AirZip-encoded images.

AirZip Accelerator for Browsers

The AirZip Accelerator for browsers is a Javascript based decoder enabling AirZip encoded images to be rendered on the fly in the browser. The decoder works with any browser that supports Javascript on any operating system and does not require the user to install anything.


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