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AirZip FileSECURE is being used in many environments.  Here is a selection of some of the interesting and unusual ways the product is serving our customers:

  • Mobile phones the latest security threat

    Most companies involved in sensitive design or manufacturing prohibit cameras from being brought onto their premises. In the days of bulky 35mm cameras this was relatively easy to enforce. Today, with tiny digital cameras, and a camera built into almost every mobile phone, keeping these devices off company premises is practically impossible.

    With 2-3MP resolution available on consumer grade mobile phones, they are able to capture perfectly legible copies of content displayed on computer monitors.

    A few years ago, a video surveillance camera at a customer in China captured an employee using a bank of mobile phones to copy a 230 page sensitive protected PDF document. This was before mobile phones supported on board SD or similar memory and each image had to be transmitted to a receiver before the next picture could be taken. The employee had 10 mobile phones, and he used them each in turn to take pictures of successive pages - by the time the last one was transmitting its image, the first one was ready to take its next picture. In 20 minutes, the employee had copied the entire document.

    Today, with high capacity on board or USB connected storage, a single phone could accomplish the same task in less than half the time.

    FileSECURE is the only enterprise rights management and document security solution that supports on-screen dynamic watermarking that overlays information about the user, computer and network information onto the pages as they are displayed. It cannot prevent someone actually taking pictures of secure content, but should one of the images be recovered, the embedded information can help identify who, when and where the theft took place.

    In cases where FileSECURE cannot secure the content, we try to help secure the conviction!


  • How long does something need to be secured?

    Not very long if you are in the garment industry!

    A number of the world's largest garment and jewelry manufacturers use FileSECURE to protect new designs for shoes, handbags, clothing and jewelry.

    Many of these items are seasonal with correspondingly short life spans. Once a design has hit the distribution channels, it can be legally acquired by competitors who can roll out knockoffs within days. Should a competitor be able to get access to a design before it has left the factory, in many cases the knockoff can be in the shops before the "real" item - destroying a good deal of its value.


  • FileSECURE pays for itself through savings in paper and ink costs.

    The CEO of a mid-sized firm had upgraded a number of old black and white printers to high end color MFP's. He arrives at the office one morning to discover that the employees planning the annual company picnic had produced an elegant flyer announcing the event...and had then showcased the new color capability by making a beautiful color copy for not only every employee in the company, but also for every notice board! Around 1,300 copies.

    Shortly thereafter, the CEO issued an edict that all internal company announcements, job postings, the employee handbook, interoffice correspondence and the like be distributed as View Only FileSECURE secured documents - increasing security at the same time as reducing out of control ink and paper costs. The savings due to simply limiting unnecessary printing paid for the software in less than two years.

    How many employees do you know that print every electronic document and email they receive?


  • How do you approach securing huge quantities of existing files?

    A common question from new FileSECURE customers is how to secure the masses of existing content without someone (or a team!) from having to manually secure them.

    A large management consulting company faced the exact problem - with a library of over 250GB of Powerpoint presentations. In addition, because these presentations contained extremely sensitive client information and needed to be kept compartmentalized within the company so that no-one working on a company A project could have access to company B's (a competitor) information.

    The solution was to use FileSECURE Publisher - an XML driven engine that can secure huge volumes of data according to very explicit rules very quickly. Once the XML rules had been defined, FileSECURE Publisher was pointed to the root level of a large file server containing all the presentations to be secured. 12 days later the task was complete - something that would have taken several staff months or even years to accomplish manually.

    AirZip offers Publisher on a short term lease basis specifically to assist customers undertake the securing of large archives.


  • Securing reports from legacy applications

    Several customers have legacy applications (COBOL, PowerBuilder, RPG) that produce sales, shop floor and financial reports. Before implementing FileSECURE, the reports were simply printed to paper or PDF with little or no security. These same reports can now be secured using the FileSECURE printer driver, providing dynamic control and access management for these reports.

    FileSECURE can provide real security for the output from any application that can print!


  • Customer service...or else!

    A CEO is concerned (manic, some would say!) about customer service response times for his web based business. If a request is not picked up in 10 minutes, he wants it escalated to the Customer Service Manager. 10 minutes later, he wants to be notified.

    Previously, prospects filled out a request for information form on the company's web site, which in turn was routed as an email via a Microsoft Exchange server and then to a shared Outlook mailbox where the customer service rep's picked up the messages to respond to. No easy way to measure how quickly messages were taking to be processed.

    AirZip engineered a solution that took over the inbound Outlook mailbox, extracted each email message as a separate file and then secured the file using FileSECURE's Auto-securing Author (A-Author). The secured files were then placed in a common inbound directory monitored by the CSR's. As each message file was secured, it generated a time stamped audit event which was stored in the FileSECURE audit log. When a CSR opened the secured message, it too generated a time stamped event. A background process running in the FileSECURE server continuously monitored the audit log looking for matches between secured messages and viewed messages. If a secured message was not accessed in 10 minutes, a notification email was sent to the Customer Service Manager, and after 20 minutes of non-access, another messages was sent copying the CEO.

    What a great way to build a customer focused business!


  • Not so funny…

    Situation: Company is planning to launch a promotional video. Working with its advertising agency, several drafts are developed. One is particularly funny, but deemed to be highly inappropriate for the target market and the image the company wishes to project. An employee thinks the video in question is cool and uploads it to YouTube. Company is embarrassed and the target demographic is annoyed.

    AirZip FileSECURE protects your confidential audio and video marketing and training materials and teleconference transcripts so that you control access and prevent unauthorized copying at all times.


  • Who is handling your sensitive data entry?

    Do your customers still complete paper forms when applying for a mortgage, loan, health or life insurance or credit card – forms that contain highly personal and sensitive information? What happens to those forms? In many cases, the forms are scanned and electronically transferred to a “low cost” offshore data entry facility to be manually keyed.

    One customer followed this increasingly common practice – but shortly after the offshore center started receiving scanned forms to enter into the system, an alarming number of identity theft cases were reported. Apparently, a few employees were printing out copies of the scanned forms and selling them on the street to criminals.

    AirZip FileSECURE can secure the scanned PDF documents as soon as they are scanned. The secured files are then transferred to the offshore data entry facility with View Only permission to prevent printing. Each user can also only access the secured file from their designated workstation, and the displayed pages are dynamically watermarked with information identifying the user and their workstation – in case they are tempted to use a camera phone to capture the sensitive customer information. No security system is perfect or absolutely foolproof – but AirZip FileSECURE substantially enhances the protection of your customer’s sensitive information and your reputation.